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May 22, 2017

So, um...I might have been in a cult

This post has nothing to with Drupal. And it’s really fucking embarrassing for me to write.

For the last three months I have been going to Body & Brain Yoga in Cambridge, MA. I did it because I wanted to start doing tai-chi and they were the first result on Google. So the first lesson here is don’t get involved with anything that is the first result on Google.

It turns out that Body & Brain is Dahn Yoga by another name, which is something people have heard of because it has come under fire for being kind of cult-y. My personal experience with them is not nearly as extensive as some folks’, but I totally failed to do any research before forking over $360 for a three-month membership.

That membership is now expired, and I’m nuking the bridge, because I was never entirely at ease when I was at class (2–4 times a week, on average) or at the workshops (I did three, I think), and I want to share my experience with the world, even though it’s embarrassing as shit. I really thought I was smarter than this. But I am a credulous, fairly New Agey individual with mushy critical thinking skills, but strong intuition and (apparently, thankfully) a working bullshit detector.

So, in no real order, I give you my reasons for severing all contact with Body & Brain, based on my three months of membership:

That’s all I can think of at the moment. So to summarize, what we have here is:

Is it a cult? You decide. I think the word “cult” is a little too strong, personally, but Body & Brain/Dahn was definitely cult-ish, and if you get creeped out, trust your fucking intuition and run for the hills.

❤, phenaproxima

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