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October 27, 2017

Swear Statuses for Drupal

I quit Twitter recently, for a number of reasons. The one thing that keeps me coming back is Swear Trek. As a fan of both Star Trek and extensive cursing, I feel confident in saying that it is the best feed on Twitter.

As a little homage, and while staying up too late last night, I have decided to invent swear statuses for Drupal issues. Perhaps I’ll write a browser extension for this…

Active: This is fucked up

Needs work: This is still fucked up

Needs review: Look at this shit

Reviewed & tested by the community: Good shit

Fixed: Fuckin’ A!

Patch (to be ported): Time to rewrite this shit

Postponed: I’ll do this shit later

Postponed (maintainer needs more info): What the fuck’s going on here

Closed (duplicate): Not this shit again

Closed (won’t fix): Closed (fuck this bullshit)

Closed (works as designed): Fuck it, works on my machine

Closed (cannot reproduce): Closed (bullshit)

Closed (outdated): Too fucking old

tags: Star Trek - Swearing - Drupal